About the What the Hell Were You Thinking Podcast

When you went looking for a podcast and started listening to this one:  What the HELL Were You Thinking?

Host Dave Bledsoe takes a weekly look at politics, pop culture, the media, the contents of his friend’s liquor cabinets, or anything that manages to pique his interests.  Dave blends his distinctly left of center political world view with profound nostalgia for a lost childhood, disgust with hypocrisy and abiding love of Irish Whiskey (Jameson, we don’t do Protestant whiskey on this podcast) into a show which should appeal to the distinct palette of angry liberals, cynical Gen Xers and Millennial types bent on ironically mingling 80’s music and contemporary politics.  (See—I told you we have generational appeal!What the HELL Were You Thinking  will have you asking the tough questions, or least what Dave’s deal with old television shows is all about.  Honestly, he’s probably on the spectrum with this kind of behavior.

Find the show on Soundcloud, in iTunes and Stitcher, or where ever fine podcasts are sold.  Follow the show on Twitter @thehell_podcast, the show name on Facebook.




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3 thoughts on “About the What the Hell Were You Thinking Podcast

  1. I love love love.. listening to your show, I have shared it whith my friends and family. I thank God there’s other people like you that talk the truth. You are definitely the best of all. Please do more talk on podcast. Thank you and God bless you.

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